Orthodyne Analytical Shanghai : A new chapter in Gas Chromatography

3 objectives guiding our renovations at Orthodyne Analytical Shanghai

Weeks of meticulous renovation have resulted in new facilities that pave the way for a brighter and more innovative future for gas chromatography. Here are the 3 major objectives of our renovations at our subsidiary, Orthodyne Analytical Shanghai.

High standards in semiconductor integration

As an expert in gaschromatography, one of the renovation objectives is to set elevated standards of PPB level of integration for semiconductor application, tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. We aim to minimize contamination to the ultra-high purity (UHP) grade of components during pipework welding and analyzer cabinet integration for sub-ppb applications. Some customers require these works to be completed in a clean room and to follow the working standards inside it. Orthodyne Analytical Shanghai is among the first companies to set up a clean room for analyzer cabinet integration in the sub-ppb applications.

Boosting Performance with advanced validation in Gas Chromatography

Orthodyne Analytical Shanghai has been renovated to set up a lab for testing of analyzers for sub-ppb applications. This will also enable us to prove analyzer performance in terms of low detection limit (LDL) and repeatability by using diluted span gas. The tests will be conducted under customer’s witnesses during the stage of factory acceptance. Thus we can enhance our capabilities to provide customer value in the validation of analyzers for PPB measurements.

An optimized workspace for our Orthodyne Analytical Shanghai team

Our success is measured not only by the quality of our products, but also by the well-being of our team. We have optimized our workspace in Shanghai to encourage innovation and productivity. We firmly believe that a comfortable and productive environment is essential for our team to perform at their best in gas chromatography. With these new facilities, we are striving to boost collaboration, creativity and efficiency.

The renovation of Orthodyne Analytical Shanghai is yet another opportunity to showcase our commitment to excellence in gas chromatography. Our objectives to raise the standards of semiconductor integration, to boost performance and to optimize our workspace is a testament to our core values of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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