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CO2 Food & Beverages Analysers

Nowadays, the biggest companies impose a lot of strict norms to their suppliers. In order to perfectly answer their requests, Orthodyne has developed through the years a perfect solution for its customers. Orthodyne provides Food & Beverages Analysers built according to the Coca-Cola specifications and the EIGA, CGA & ISBT norms.

Orthodyne integrates analysers from partners for the measurement of:

> NOx (NO + NO2) and NH3 in ppm level

> Total Sulfur (H2S, SO2, COS) in ppm level

> On demand, we can also provide a complete solution for the measurement of N2 for food applications

Some Global References

  • Air Liquide (Tunisia)
  • Air Liquide Carbagas (Switzerland)
  • AGA (Brazil)
  • AGA (Chile)
  • Linde (Hungary)
  • ACP (Poland)
  • Carbolim NV (The Nederlands)
  • Carboneco (Spain)

Orthodyne and trusted partners analysers
Multi Cabinet - Orthodyne

CO2 Food and Beverages Analysers: Air Liquide Austria (2011)

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    Food & Beverages Analysers - Orthodyne Gas Chromatography
    Food & Beverages Analysers