Trace Nitrogen Analyser

Trace Nitrogen Analyser - AZ 8001

The AZ 8000 is our online Trace Nitrogen Analyser for Argon and Helium.


The AZ 8001 is a Trace Nitrogen Analyser. Its unique design brings reliability and accuracy needed for such measurement. Its own Plasma Emission Detector System extends the lifetime of the cell. This Duty Cycle Controlled System has the property to decrease contamination and coating inside the plasma cell giving a more efficient, reliable and accurate analyser.


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Some Global References

Company Type of analyser Model Impurities
Air Products (France) Helium AZ 8000 N2
Air Liquide (France) Argon AZ 8000 N2
Linde (China) Argon AZ 8000 N2
Air Liquide (Egypt) Argon AZ 8000 N2

Technical specifications

Detector typePlasma Emission Detector design based on a Duty Cycle Controlled System
Three ranges
0 – 1 ppm
0 – 10 ppm 0 – 100 ppm
Display resolution to 0.01 ppm
Display resolution to 0.1 ppm
Display resolution to 1 ppm
Other range possible up to 10000 ppm
Repeatability< 1 % full scale
Standard features Manual or autoranging (user selectable)
Microprocessor controlled
Touchscreen 7” HDMI TFT Display
Self diagnosis system with auto-resolve alarm
LAN/Web control
4-20 mA isolated output
Alarm Historic
Safe calibration procedure to avoid any bad calibration
Digital ouputs for remote monitoring:
(all dry relay contacts)
- System status (1 output)
- Range in use (3 output)
- Calibration in use (1 output)
OptionsInternal sampling system for zero, span and sample with remote capabilities
Serial port: RS-232/422/485/ Pro bus
2 alarm outputs (user programmable set point)
Gas connectionsSample: 1/8’’ compressing ttings
Vent1/8" compressing fitting
Calibration gasZero: Purified gas (Getter)
Span8.0 to 9.5 ppm N2 (application dependent)
Sample flow requirements75 to 200 ml/min
AccuracyBetter than +- 1% full scale
Max operating pressure30psig
Min. operating pressure3psig
Operating temperature10 °C to 45 °C
Supply115 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumptionMaximum 40 watts
Drift< ± 1% over 24 hours
Weight13 kg


Unique Plasma Emission Detector
Large scale measurement
4-20 mA output (standard)
Free maintenance
LAN/Web control
Fast purging time
Low sample consumption
3U cabinet

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