FID Gas Chromatograph

FID Gas Chromatograph - Orthodyne

FID 600 Gas Chromatograph - Orthodyne

FID Gas Chromatograph & methaniser (UMTR)

 Analysis of CH4, CO, CO2 & NMHC  in PPB, PPM or % in Helium, Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen or Air.

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The FID Gas Chromatograph (flame ionization detector) is placed in a temperature regulated chamber. It is designed to detect traces of hydrocarbons in neutral gases. The combustion of Hydrogen and Synthetic Air creates a flame in which are burning the organic components contained in the gas to be analysed. When burning, these components produce ions which are collected by an electrode.


The very weak current obtained in this way is amplified in an electrometer with high gain and directed to a data acquisition system. A polarization electrode is connected on the level of the nozzle and a collecting electrode with adjustable distance make the best results possible. Coupled with a methanizer (UMTR unit), it also detects traces of CO and CO2. The methaniser is foreseen to convert, in a catalytic reactor, traces of CO and CO2 into methane.

This reaction takes place at a temperature of ± 350°C in presence of Hydrogen in excess. With a properly adjusted temperature and flowrate, the efficiency is almost of 100%. When supplied with high purity gases, the detection threshold can reach 1 ppb.

Some Global References

Company Type of analyser Analyser Measurement
Air Liquide (Brasil) Oxygen FID Separated CnHm
Air Liquide (Canada) Oxygen & Air FID CH4, NMHC
Air Liquide (Belgium) Nitrogen FID CH4, CO, CO2, NMHC
Linde (Germany) Oxygen FID BTX
ArianeSpace (French Guiana) Multi gas FID CO2, C2H2
Yora (Germany) Oxygen, Krypton, Xenon FID CH4, C2H2, C3H3

Type of configurations

DID Gas Chromatograph - 500

Process Line

This new line 500 has been designed for stand alone operation. Easy configuration and quick start-up make this new system ideal for process gas analysis.

In addition to its user-friendly interface (touch screen display), the new line 500 has its own chromatographic software that allows the concentration of each impurity to be displayed directly. Moreover, the new line 500 can be remotely controlled through Ethernet or Internet.

DID Gas Chromatograph Line 500 - Orthodyne

DID Gas Chromatograph Line 500 - Brochure

DID Gas Chromatograph - 600

Laboratory Line

The new line 600 has been designed for working with Chromdyne software on a computer. It make this new system ideal for laboratory process gas analysis. Moreover, the new line 600 can be remotely controlled through Ethernet or Internet.

DID Gas Chromatograph Line 600 - Orthodyne

DID Gas Chromatograph Line 600 - Brochure

Technical Specifications

AccuracyDepend of the range used
Drift1 % over 24 hours
Temperature drift 1 % per degree
Operating temperature ± 20°C without wide variations of temperature
Sampling gasN2, Ar, He, Air, H2, O2
Sample gas connection1/8’’ Swagelok OR 1/8’’ VCR
Sample flow rateApproximately 3 to 5 l/h
Sample pressure< 100 mBar
Combustive gasSynthetic air
Combustive gas connection1/8’’ Swagelok OR 1/8’’ VCR
Combustive gas pressure 2 Bar stable
Combustive gas fl ow rate300 ml/min
Recommended quality5.0
Fuel gasHydrogen
Fuel gas connection1/8’’ Swagelok OR 1/8’’ VCR
Fuel gas pressure1 Bar stable
Fuel gas fl ow rate38 ml/min
Recommended quality6.0
Carrier gasArgon, Nitrogen, Helium or Hydrogen
Carrier gas connection1/8’’ Swagelok OR 1/8’’ VCR
Carrier gas pressure7 Bar
Carrier gas fl ow rate2 to 6 l/h
Carrier gas fl ow rate2 to 6 l/h
Recommended quality6.0
Power supply220 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption500 VA
4-20 mA outputEight configurable outputs depending
on the application.
RJ-45 connectionComputerised system maintenance
Output relays
(SPST 2 amperes / 250 Vac)
1 Analyser Failure alarm contact
1 Alarm High contact
1 Alarm High High contact

Dimensions & chromatogram

FID Gas Chromatograph Dimensions - Orthodyne

UMTR Dimensions - Orthodyne Gas Chromatography

(Dimensions can differ regarding the application)

FID Gas Chromatograph Chromatogram - Orthodyne

Measurement Capabilities

CH4< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb
CO< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb
CO2< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb
NMHC<10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb< 10 ppb


< 10 ppb resolution guaranteed
User-friendly interface
Total Hydrocarbons (C2 => C5)
Adjustable alarm and oven settings
Fast response time
Possibility of auto-calibration programming
CE marked
Chromdyne software


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