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Total Hydrocarbon Analyser - THC 8000

Continuous analysis of THC in PPM and PPB level

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Our THC Analyser (THC 8000) is a continuous analytical system that measures the total hydrocarbon (THC) in PPM level in various gases, such as Oxygen, Air, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Krypton or Xenon.


The THC Analyser (THC 8000) module is composed of a flame ionization detector placed in a temperature regulated chamber and coupled with a continuous analysing technology.

Burning of the components containing hydrocarbons by the hydrogen flame generates an ion current proportional to the impurities introduced into the gas to be analysed.

This THC Analyser is a standard 19 inch rack module, 4U in height and 450 mm in depth.

One analog 4-20 mA output provides the total concentration of hydrocarbons impurities.

Some Global References

Company Type of analyser Model Measurements
Wuxi Mai (China) Nitrogen THC 8000 THC
Chemelot (The Nederlands) Hydrogen THC 8000 + UMTR THC
SDL (China) Air THC 8000 THC
Air Liquide (Spain) Multi gas THC 8000 THC

Type of configurations

THC 8000
Continuous analyser of THC in Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide

A THC 8000-UHP (Ultra High Purity) version is also available.

Technical specifications

Three ranges
0 -10 ppm
0 -100 ppm
0 -1000 pmm
Display resolution 0.1 ppm
Display resolution 0.1 ppm
Display resolution 1 ppm
Other range possible on request from 1 to 10000 ppm
Accuracy0.5 % at full scale
Detection limit < 0.05 ppm for the range 0-1 ppm
Drift1% over 24 hours
Sample flowAround 3 l/h
Max. input pressureWorking pressure from 0.3 to 15 Barg
Sampling gas N2, Ar, He, Air, H2 , O2 (THC 8000) or CO2 (THC 8010)
Sample gas connection1/8’’ Swagelok SS
Sample flow rateApproximately 3 l/h
Sample pressurefrom 0.3 to 15 Barg
Combustive gasSynthetic air
Combustive gas connection1/8’’ Swagelok SS
Combustive gas pressure 2 Barg
Combustive gas flow rate20 l/h
Recommended quality5.0
Fuel gas Hydrogen (other mixtures available on request)
Fuel gas connection 1/8’’ Swagelok SS
Fuel gas pressure1 Barg
Fuel gas flow rate2 l/h
Recommended quality6.0
Operating temperatureAround 20°C without wide temperature variations
Power supply220 Vac, 50-60 Hz or 120 Vac, 60 Hz on request
Power consumption500 VA
4-20 mA output1 output for THC
RJ-45 connectionComputerised system maintenance
Output relays(dry contacts, SPST 2A / 250 VAC)
1 STATUS contact relay (security alarm)
3 RANGE contact relays (active range)
1 process alarm contact relay (level 1)
1 process alarm contact relay (level 2)
2 contacts for automatic calibration
1 flow alarm contact relay
1 calibration in use contact relay


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Up to< 1 ppb resolution guaranteed
Electronic flame-out guard circuit
Automatic fuel shut off system
Low sample flow, 3 l/h.
Adjustable alarm and oven settings
Fast response time
Multifunctional and real-time software
CE marked

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