Trace Oxygen Analyser

Trace Oxygen Analyser - OZR 8000

Control of pure gases and gas mixtures 


OZR 8000 Trace Oxygen Analyser meets the requirements of industrial gas production and thermal treatment industries.


Measuring principle –The oxygen in the sample gas diffuses from the sample side of the ZrO2 cell through to the outside (ambient), thereby a potential gradient exists which is measured via the inner/outer electrodes. –The change in the potential gradient is proportional to the change in concentration of oxygen present in the sample gas –The reference value is always ambient air.

Type of configurations

Factory preset 0 – 1/10ppm
Freely configurable up to 250 000 ppm

Technical specifications

Measurement methodZirconium dioxide detector
RangesFactory preset 0 – 1/10ppm
Freely configurable up to 250 000 ppm
Analog Output signals2 x 4..20mA configurable
Digital outputEthernet-10/100BASE-T (standard)
4 x D/O configurable (standard)
Modbus RS232/485 Profibus DP/PA and Profinet (optional)
LinearityWith such measuring principle, Zirconium Dioxide cells are base linear.
Repeatability< 1 % of the measurement range or 100 ppb O2 (whichever is greater)
Zero Drift< 1 % of the measurement range per week or 250 ppb O2 (whichever is greater)
Sensitivity Drift<1 % of measurement range per week or 250 ppb (whichever is greater) for pure samples.
Output Fluctuation (2 σ) < ± 0.5 % of the measured value or 50 ppb O2 (whichever is greater)
Detection Limit (4 σ) < ± 1 % of the measured value or 100 ppb O2 (whichever is greater)
Warm-up time< 15 minutes
Response time
T90 < 60 sec at a sample gas flow of 8 l/h and electronic T90 time (static/dynamic) = 3 /0 sec
Sample gas T°+5 to 45°C
Pressure≤ 70 hPa, outlet pressure: atmospheric
Flow rate4 – 20 L/h
Connections3mm Swagelok ® (inlets)
1/8 NPT internal thread (outlets)
Power supply100 - 240 V AC (- 15 %, + 10 %) 50-60 Hz (± 3 Hz).
DimensionsRackable unit 19’’ - Total height: 3U (133mm) – Depth: 365 mm.

* For an outlet pressure between 800 and 1750 mbar


> Air separation plants

> Specialty gas laboratories

> Process control

> Steel industry

> Cryogenic truck loading station

> Basic research

> Materials research

> Monitoring of atmospheres

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Long sensor lifetime
Trace oxygen measurement in pure gases
Factory preset measuring ranges 0…1/10 ppm
Freely configurable up to 250 000 ppm
Clear-text status messages
Self-monitoring function indicates when maintenance is required

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