Infrared analyser

Infrared analyser - IR 8000

Control of CO2 or N2O in ppm level  (CO/CO2 configuration possible for medical applications)


IR 8000 Infrared Analyser uses  NDIR photometry technology to perform the measurement of CO2 or N2O, in ppm level, in various gases. A CO/CO2 ppm configuration is also possible for medical applications.


The IR 8000 analyser uses a NDIR photometer to perform its measurements.
  • A gas filled-layered detector allows for a highly selective measurement in different sample gas mixture / applications.
  • The applied measuring principle NDUV absorption spectroscopy enables the IR8000 to detect even smallest concentrations.
  • The high stability of the measurement is achieved due to the design and the applied signal processing.

Technical specifications

Measurement methodNon-Dispersive Infrared Absorption
Ranges2 measuring ranges configurable
Analog Output signals2 x 4..20mA configurable
Digital outputEthernet-10/100BASE-T (standard)
4 x D/O configurable (standard)
Modbus RS232/485 Profibus DP/PA and Profinet (optional)
Linearity≤ 1 % of span
Repeatability< 0.5 % of span
Zero Drift≤ 1 % of span per week
Sensitivity Drift≤ 1 % of the measured value per week
Output Fluctuation (2 σ) ≤ 0.2 % of span at electronic - T90 time (static/dynamic) = 5/0 sec
Detection Limit (4 σ) ≤ 0.4 % of span at electronic - T90 time (static/dynamic) = 5/0 sec
Warm-up timeApprox. 30 minutes without thermostat, approx. 2 hours with thermostat
Response time
T90 = 2.5 sec for measurement cell length = 175 mm, sample gas flow = 60 l/h and electronic T90 time (static/dynamic) = 5 / 0 sec.
Temperature+5 to 45°C
Dew Point5 °C below the temperature throughout the sample gas path
Pressureatmosphere, permissible: 800 – 1250 hPa
Flow rate20 - 100 L/h
Connections1/8 NPT female thread (inlets and outlets)
Power supply100 - 240 V AC (- 15 %, + 10 %) 50-60 Hz (± 3 Hz).
DimensionsRackable unit 19’’ - Total height: 3U (133mm) – Depth: 365 mm.


  • Continuous monitoring on waste incinerator and combustion plants
  • Medical (CO/CO2 version)
  • Industrial gases
  • Air Separation Units
  • Specialty gases

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Highly selective measurement in different sample gas mixtures/applications
High stability of measurement
Cross sensitivity correction
Various measuring ranges
Special version available for medical applications (CO/CO2 ppm in Air, O2 and N2)

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