SDL and Orthodyne

Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd., stock code 002658, established in September 2001, is located at the International Information Industry Base, Huilongguan, Changping District, Beijing, China, with a registered capital of 600 million RMB. The company is a national high technology company, professionally engaged for environmental monitoring, industrial process analysis, intelligent environmental protection and service-related operations. SDL employs more than 1200 staff, including close to 200 R&D engineers and more than 500 site service engineers. The company has registered nearly 100 technology patents. SDL is certified as an Enterprise Technology Center of Beijing City.


As a pioneer and leading company in this industry, SDL focuses on environment monitoring, environment information systems and the industrial process analysis field. Our business covers the following areas: products, system applications, software platforms and services. SDL focuses on the mid and high-end markets, covering applications in environmental protection, power generation, incineration, cement, iron and steel, air separation, petrochemical, chemical, research and other areas. Over the past fifteen years, SDL has successfully established itself in the Chinese market. Moreover, SDL has exported its products to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other regions.

SDL honors

The company has received numerous honors:

  • China Environmental Protection Industry Key Enterprise
  • Pioneer Enterprise of Environmental Services appointed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
  • China Analysis Instrument Major Contribution Award.

Some of SDL’s products have also received recognition from various organisations of the state. In addition, two of the products have been selected as the National Key Scientific Instrument Development Project.

SDL’s mission is the «Revitalization of the national environmental monitoring & process analytics industry». SDL’s goal is to constantly provide the best quality analysis products and integrated solutions to our customers. With our current advantages in technology, engineering and enterprise scale, as well as innovative developments in areas of technology, products, business model and management skills, we strive towards improving our core competences, so as to establish a first-class environmental monitoring company in China, and to be a world-renowned brand for analytical instruments.