📌 TODAY’S FOCUS – The Hot Isostatic Press in aerospace and motorsports

The HIP process is all about producing high quality products for applications such as aerospace, motorsports and medical implants. To ensure product quality, our customers depend on the reliability of our measurement systems 🚀 🏎

During manufacturing, products are exposed to very high pressures and temperatures in a protective #argon atmosphere, the purity of which must be precisely controlled using our measurement and analysis systems 📈

Thermoforming metal in the presence of oxygen can cause oxidation of the metal. Oxidation can cause aesthetic damage such as discoloration, staining, pitting or burn marks on the metal surface 🔥

For this reason, #metalthermoforming is performed in a controlled atmosphere, using inert gases such as argon to prevent oxidation and ensure the quality of the surface and mechanical properties of the thermoformed metal.

✅ We have over 50 years of experience in the production of #gaschromatographs for process measurement technology. Trust us to guarantee the quality of your products!

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