Trace Oxygen Analyser

OZR 5000 Trace Oxygen Analyser - Orthodyne

Trace Oxygen Analyser - OZR 5000

Control of pure gases and gas mixtures | Built-in MicroPoas© technology


OZR 5000 Trace Oxygen Analyser manufactured by Orthodyne meets the requirements of industrial gas production and thermal treatment industries. It includes the MicroPoas® zirconia sensor technology with built-in metallic reference.


High technology for high accuracy measurement and control

When you use MicroPoas®, you optimise your installation and process safety. Zirconia sensor with built-in metallic reference : completely independent from the external environment. No need for a reference gas : easy set-up.

Products with proven performance

The MicroPoas® sensor enables our analysers to deliver excellent accuracy and unequalled linearity and enables you to reduce maintenance costs and keep them under control. Its sturdiness guarantees lower and mastered maintenance costs. From measurement of oxygen fugacity in volcanic gases to microelectronics, the MicroPoas® technology is adaptable to a wide range of applications, in both industrial and scientific fields.

Performances of the smallest “MicroPoas®” zirconia sensor

> Specific to gaseous oxygen

> No need for reference gas

> Life time > 3 years on clean gases

> Recommended working temperature : 500 to 1050°C (high temperature version up to 1050°C on request)

> Resistance to total pressure > 400 atm

> Resistance to thermal shocks > 100 cycles between 20 and 700°C in 10s

> Thermal homogeneity for high measurement accuracy

> Fast set-up

> Special assemblies for measurement in a vacuum or under pressure (10-4 mbar to more than 70 bar)

Some Global References

Company Type of analyser Model Measurements
Air Liquide (USA) Argon, Helium, Nitrogen OZR Oxygen ppm
Air Liquide (China) Nitrogen, Air OZR Oxygen ppm
Air Products (Spain) Multi gas OZR Oxygen ppm
Air Products (France) Argon, Nitrogen OZR Oxygen ppm


> Air separation plants

> Specialty gas laboratories

> Process control

> Steel industry

> Cryogenic truck loading station

> Basic research

> Materials research

> Monitoring of atmospheres

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Technical specifications

Measurement methodMicroPoas®
Range0.01 ppm to 25 % O
Flow rateMinimum fl ow rate without bypass : 30 ml/min.
From 1 to 3 l/h for the sensor + bypass fl ow for a
quick loop
Maximum intake pressure
and temperature
3 bars abs*
Response timeT90 < 2s open bypass
User-friendly operationDisplay of operation parameters, fl ow rate, error
messages, indication of MicroPoas® status. Visual
indication of the flow
Output signals4-20 mA output linear signal, galvanic isolation
Output scalesUser configurable over the range (max. 3 decades)
Alarms2 threshold alarms, 1 general fault alarm, 1 fl ow
alarm. Thresholds can be adjusted over the range.
Accuracy2 % relative
Drift/week<1% of reading
Display resolution0.01 ppm from 0.01 ppm to 10 ppm, 0.1 ppm from
10 ppm to 10 000 ppm, 0.01 % from 1 % to 10 %,
0.1 % from 10 % to 25 %
Sample inlet/outlet connectionsStainless steel unions for tube
Power supply110 to 220 Vac – 50/60 Hz; 50 VA
Dimensions and weight19” rack mounting
3 U : 483 x 133 x 365 mm – 10 kg
EnvironmentTemperature : 0 to 55°C – Humidity : 5 to 90 %
without condensation

* For an outlet pressure between 800 and 1750 mbar


OZR 5000 Trace Oxygen Analyser Dimensions

Type of configurations

Model# zirconia sensor
OZR 50011
OZR 50022*
OZR 50033*
OZR 50044

*OZR 5003 and OZR 5004 will be assembled inside a rack of 365mm depth and 6U height.


Excellent response time
Keyboard for intuitive operation
Extremely high linearity
From 0.01 ppm to 25 % O2 in a single range
Reliability and reproducibility
Built-in bypass

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