Binary gas analyser

Binary gas analyser - TCD 8000

Control of pure gases and gas mixtures 


TCD 8000 Binary gas Analyser uses  thermal conductivity technology to perform the measurement of binary gas mixtures


The TCD 8000 analyser uses a micromechanical silicon sensor and its numerous advantages: –Fast process measurement –Short response time (T90), independant of flow rate –Stable for extremely long periods of time –No reference gas needed

Technical specifications

Measurement methodDifference in thermal conductivity of various gases
RangesFreely selectable measuring ranges
Analog Output signals2 x 4..20mA configurable
Digital outputEthernet-10/100BASE-T (standard)
4 x D/O configurable (standard)
Modbus RS232/485 Profibus DP/PA and Profinet (optional)
Linearity≤ 2 % of span
Repeatability< 1 % of span
Zero Drift≤ 2 % of span of the smallest measurement range per week
Sensitivity Drift≤ 0.5 % of smallest possible measurement range per week
Output Fluctuation (2 σ) ≤ 0.5 % of smallest measurement range span at electronic - T90 time = 0 sec
Detection Limit (4 σ) ≤ 1 % of smallest measurement range span at electronic - T90 time = 0 sec
Warm-up timeApprox. 30 minutes, 90% Response Time
Response time
T90 ≤ 2 sec at sample gas flow of 60 l/h and electronic, T90 time (static /dynamic) = 0/0 sec
Temperature+5 to 45°C
Dew Point5 °C below the temperature throughout the sample gas path
Pressure2 - 100 hPA
Flow rate10 - 90 L/h
Connections1/8 NPT female thread (inlets and outlets)
Power supply100 - 240 V AC (- 15 %, + 10 %) 50-60 Hz (± 3 Hz).
DimensionsRackable unit 19’’ - Total height: 3U (133mm) – Depth: 365 mm.


  • Hydrogen purity measurement
  • Inert gas monitoring
  • Turbogenerator monitoring
  • LEL monitoring

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Short response time
Stable for extremely long periods of time
Freely selectable measuring ranges
More than 30 gas mixtures are configurable
Standard gas avoids the need for separate zero and end-point calibration
No reference gas necessary

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