Oxygen Analyser

Oxygen Analyser (%) - OPM 8000

Paramagnetic analyser | Analysis of O2 in % level


The OPM 8000 Oxygen Analyser (%) manufactured by Orthodyne meets the requirements of industrial gas production. It includes the Paramagnetic sensor technology.


The automatic manufacturing process is capable of very high precision leading to levels of quality and reproducibility beyond anything that is currently available on the market.

With the possibility to set individual measuring ranges, it  allows the analyzer to be easily tailored to specific measurement requirements. An outstanding characteristic of this analyzer is its long term stability. In most applications, calibration of the zero-point with ambient air or nitrogen is only required once a month. It is also suitable for measuring rapid changes in the concentration of the sample gas.

Type of configurations

95-100% / 98-100%
0-10% / 0-25% / 70-100% or 85-100%

Technical specifications

Measuring rangeVarious configurations possible
Analog Output signal2 x 4..20mA configurable
Digital OutputEthernet-10/100BASE-T (standard)
4 x D/O configurable (standard)
Modbus RS232/485, Profibus DP/PA and Profinet (optional)
Linearity< 0.5% of span
Repeatability< 50ppm O2
Zero Drift≤ 3 % of span of the smallest measurement range per week
Sensitivity Drift≤ 0.1 Vol.-% O2 per week or ≤ 1 % of measured value per week (not cumulative), whichever is smaller.
Output Fluctuation (2 σ)≤ 25 ppm O2 at electronic T90 time (static /dynamic) = 3 / 0 sec
Detection Limit (4 σ) 
≤ 50 ppm O2 at electronic T90 time (static /dynamic) = 3 / 0 sec
Warm-up (stability) time< 1h
Response time T90
T90 ≤ 4 sec at a sample gas flow of 90 l/h and electronic T90 time (static/dynamic) = 3 /0 sec, gas change from N2 to air
Sample gas T°+5 to 45°C
Dew point5 °C below the temperature throughout the sample gas path
Pressure2-100 hPa
Flow rate30 - 90 L/h
Connections⅛ NPT female thread (inlet and outlet)
Power supply100 – 240 VAC (-15% + 10%) 50-60 Hz (+- 3%)
DimensionsRackable unit 19’’ - Total height: 3U (133mm) – Depth: 365 mm.


> Medical gases > Air separation plants. > Specialty gas laboratories. > Process control. > Steel industry. > Cryogenic truck loading station. > Basic research. > Materials research. > Monitoring of atmospheres.

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Unrivalled repeatability and precision
Assured quality through digital manufacturing
Robust and reliable sensor reduces downtime
Ideal for rapidly changing Oxygen concentration
Improved accuracy at high and low concentrations
More precise control of your process!

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